Parking, Park & Ride

Parking, Park & Ride

Use of the P+R location at the Plärrer fairground (Langenmantelstraße) requires a fee and is available to visitors of the Christmas market from Nov. 27 to Dec. 24 2023 Helpers will direct cars to parking spaces. Parking rates from Monday to Friday are 2.50 euros and on Saturday and Sunday 3.00 euros. Tram line 4 runs near the P + R and goes downtown.

Visitors arriving in Augsburg from the west via the state highway B10 or B300 are advised to use P+R Augsburg-West. From here the tram line 2 provides direct access to the Christmas market. A “Preisstufe 2” ticket is required.

If traveling from the south on state highway B17, it is advisable to park in Haunstetten at the P+R Inninger Straße. Here the tram line 3 will take you directly to Königsplatz, and you will need a “Preisstufe 2” ticket. Alternatively P+R Sportanlage Süd is available. From here you can walk 5 minutes to tram line 2 which drives directly to the “Christkindlesmarkt.” Here a “Preisstufe 2” ticket is necessary as well.

Coming from the east via state highway B2 or B300 you can park in Friedberg at P+R Chippenhamring and take tram line 6 to Königsplatz for which a “Preisstufe 2” ticket is required. Alternatively you can also use P+R Spickelbad and bus line 32 will take you to Moritzplatz for which you need a “Preisstufe 1” ticket.

In downtown Augsburg a number of park garages are available. These, however, are generally filled quickly on the Advent weekends. For this reason we highly recommend using public transportation. The Augsburg tram lines run every five minutes so you won’t have a long wait.