Die Märchenstraße

The “Augsburg Fairy Tale Street”

Fairy-tale shopping district in Augsburg

“And they lived happily ever after…” is the well-known conclusion of Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales that are an integral part of practically every childhood in Germany. Which child has not heard or read of the big bad wolf in the tale of Little Red Riding Hood and felt a shiver run down the spine, or grieved with the seven dwarfs when Snow White appears to be fatally poisoned, or crossed fingers wishing Hansel and Gretel luck?

“Everything is a fairy tale…”

is the motto of the “Augsburg Fairy Tale Street” in 2018. In decorated shop windows all around the Christmas market, Augsburg merchants will use animated characters to present a specific scene of a fairy tale. Again in 2018 children can take part in a quiz about the “Augsburg Fairy Tale Street” and win attractive prizes. Entry forms are available at Tourist Information of Regio Augsburg Tourism at city hall square and at the “Himmlisches Postamt,” the “post office” located in the Christmas market.